Event Registration

We are pleased to invite our global partner community to the 2016 edX Global Forum.

Why attend the edX Global Forum?

The edX Global Forum is an interactive, energetic conference designed to bring together the entire edX community. Our dynamic community is made up of educators and university leadership, cultural and learning institutions, course teams and instructional technologists, researchers, marketers, data czars, and online learning visionaries and innovators of all stripes from dozens of countries around the globe.

Our goal is to create a forum for all of us to share knowledge and learn from each other. Join us so we can explore the future of education together.

Please check back here for ongoing updates with regards to program schedule, speakers, hotel information, and more.

Questions & Feedback

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    EdX Global Forum

    If you have questions or comments about the edX Global Forum, please contact Erin Brown.
    +1 (617) 820 0974


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    If you want to learn more about edX in general, including our mission and our current course offerings, please visit edx.org.